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Are there ideas stirring in you?
Let’s talk about them.


Thanks for the message.

Our deer just sent a special crew of squirrels to relay your message to us..

Why the deer?

It is a symbol of enlightenment and clarity.

And we care about the clarity of our minds, to create an effective strategy and a stunning project for our clients. We can sniff out the latest trends and successfully put them to use.

Why the forest?

We prefer not to be in the woods with our ideas, but then again we appreciate the energy that comes from nature.

Therefore, our office is situated in a unique location. In the heart of the beautiful town of Cieszyn, on castle hill, the palace of the Habsburgs, on the castle grounds of entrepreneurship and design. We are just a few steps away from several-hundred-year-old trees. Simply put, it could not be better.

Why the pink?

And why not? We like unconventional thinking in advertising and design, so a pink deer in some way captures our philosophy perfectly.

Why us?

Because despite many years in this industry, we are continually exploring innovative solutions. We like this pursuit, and our clients like it as well. With us you will always be the alpha of advertising’s wilder side.

Marcin Jastrzębski Account Director
Martyna Świeca Graphic Designer
Grzegorz Goldyszewicz Senior Back-end Developer
Maciej Caputa Full-stack Developer
Michael Zabinski Founding partner & Finance Director
Katarzyna Brych - Amrogowicz Strategy Director
Piotr Klajsek Founding partner & Managing Director
Piotr Majer Senior Back-end Developer
Kuba Klin Front-end Developer
Karol Swoboda Project manager, coach
Fabian Zapała 3d graphic designer
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