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Ruch Chorzów

There is one football, two goals, and thousands of fans. The question is how do you fuel their fascination with the team on and off the field? We found the answer to just that question.

The big picture

The Ruch Chorzów players easily conquer the hearts of fans during matches. Our goal was to extend this fascination outside of the stadium and attract crowds of new fans.

How did we do it?

We designed new promotional materials that echo the spirit of the team. In close cooperation with the players we have created posters, autographs, and calendars.

Calling on Ruch Chorzow’s success and its prestigious position while remaining faithful to the team’s spirit and the opinions of loyal fans, we created a winning marketing game plan.


You can say that we have achieved a marketing hat-trick; the fans love the new image of the team, and their engagement has enthusiastically risen.

In just a few months the number Facebook followers has tripled while the sales of marketing materials has exceeded expectations.

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